Morton and Elise Anderson Owner/Operators, winemakers and more..

Tiwaiwaka Wines is a family business, Run by husband and wife team Morton and Elise Anderson.

From grape growing to pouring a tasting glass at cellar door and everything in between, Morton and Elise do it all.

After spending 5 years in the South Australian wine industry Mort and Elise moved back to New Zealand, to Martinborough.  Here they purchased a 5-acre vineyard and winery in August 2002.  Tiwaiwaka’s first vintage came to fruition in 2003, as winemaking began in earnest.

With the 2019 Vintage underway, Morton and Elise have nurtured the grapes in their own vineyard (and manage 2 others) and put their hands to the entire winemaking process, grape growing to bottling and labelling ready for sales. 

The Cellar door sales and alfresco style garden setting enabling you to enjoy a glass of wine with a platter are on the main road into Martinborough.  Tiwaiwaka Wines pride themselves on their rustic local ethos, much of which is displayed on the platters they offer.  Most of their platter’s foods are either made by the team (Mort and Elise) from produce from the property you will visit or source from as local producers as possible offering a true grape to glass, wine & food experience.

Current Wine releases include 2021 SBS, 2021 Chardonnay and 2020 Lucinda with the always present Pinot Noir.

Watch this space for new Tiwaiwaka releases.